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It started with
Bobby ...

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Done Yet

Bobby died on September 8, 2017. 
Help us remember him and continue his legacy with a gift on 
September 8, our first #DontEverBeDone Giving Day

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Sunset Soccer

Our core

Every year, approximately 90,000 adolescent and young adults (AYA's) ages 15-39 are diagnosed with cancer. 


Imagine the disruption and isolation that causes young people at exciting and transitional times in their lives.  

I'm Not Done Yet supports AYA cancer patients and survivors across the country through our 4 core initiatives, delivered through a variety of programs and services.

Peer connection and psychosocial support 
Fitness and Wellness
Local and National Blood Drives


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Volunteers/Donors in 43 states


total funds granted 


AYA's served


blood donations


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"Support Assist Box" for back-to-school


Cancer is expensive and can financially devastate patients receiving treatment. We were delighted to partner with The Ruth Cheatham Foundation (TRCF) by funding some supplies in their back to school "Support Assist Boxes."


These boxes will ensure that AYA scholars have the tools & resources they need to succeed in their schooling.

I'm Not Done Yet has partnered with the Dear Jack Foundation to provide LifeList experiences for ten young cancer patients over the age of 18 who are not eligible for "Make a Wish."

Did you know??

"Make A Wish" is not available to cancer patients after they turn 18.

I'm Not Done Yet continues to partner with programs around the world to bring appropriate cancer care to AYA's everywhere.

What do you want to be if WHEN you grow up?

Blood Drives

October 18th

12:30 - 6:30pm

Upcoming Blood Drive:

December 18th - Stewart Manor CC

Not local?  No Problem!

Join our NATIONAL effort to collect 2000 pints of blood by the end of 2024 by donating at a blood drive in your area.  Use the Bobby Menges Memorial Blood Drive link from our partners at the American Red Cross.

You pick the date, time and location!




Every year, approximately 90,000 adolescent and young adults (AYA's) ages 15-39 are diagnosed with cancer.  What does that mean to young people at exciting and transitional times in their lives?  Put yourself in their shoes.  A cancer diagnosis too often means:  Education – on hold; Career – on hold; Relationships – on hold. 


AYA’s face many other challenges because of their diagnosis and treatment:  financial toxicity, body image concerns, compromised fertility, isolation, and loneliness.  Perhaps the biggest challenge they face is fear about their own future.


AYA patients have been a little understood - and therefore underserved - population in the cancer space.  There are few comprehensive programs devoted to this age group, and too often AYA’s are forced to search out resources for themselves.


Fortunately, this is changing.  I'm Not Done Yet is committed to being an integral part of the support network for AYA cancer patients and survivors through a variety of partnerships and coalitions in the expanding AYA cancer community.


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