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It started with
Bobby ...


"He had a lot of

unfinished business..."

10.21.97 - 9.8.17

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 Introducing the inaugural 

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Nasdaq/INDY opening bell ceremony kicks off the weekend on 10/7 -  

Live stream here!

"Bobby was never done, no matter how sick he was.  We're not done yet... you're not done yet!"

 Do what you love, follow your passion... stop  waiting,  start  living! 

There are many ways to participate!

Share your photos doing something you love and tag I'm Not Done Yet and use #DontEverBeDone

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Donate Blood

In Garden City, NY at the Roosevelt Field Mall on Monday, 10/10 via our partnership with the NY Blood Center


Anywhere, anytime via our partnership with the American Red Cross

Learn about our partners!

Make a donation to support adolescent and young adult cancer patients and survivors

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Why  A dolescents and  Y oung  A dults?

Imagine feeling lost, afraid, and alone during one of the most important and stressful points in your life. Each year approximately 90,000 adolescent and young adults ( AYA  ages 15-39) are diagnosed with cancer, and the future they had once planned for is dramatically altered. Currently, few comprehensive resources are available to help AYA cancer patients and survivors meet their unique psychological, social, and emotional needs. At a time when their peers are advancing their education, careers, and families, AYA cancer patients and survivors face time away from school and work to facilitate treatment and recovery. They often feel an intense sense of loss of their once busy lifestyles, experience social isolation from their peers, face challenges to education and career advancements, have concerns about relationships and fertility, and are overwhelmed by the daunting financial burdens they face. I'm Not Done Yet provides AYA's dealing with cancer the support and tools they need to adapt their once busy lifestyles to fit the complex challenges that arrive after a diagnosis and into survivorship. By bringing together wellness and psychosocial support programs and resources that are specifically geared towards this AYA population, I'm Not Done Yet improves wellbeing and quality of life.

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10.21.97 - 10.21.17

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In case you
missed it...

AYA age-appropriate treatment space debuts at the Cancer Center for Kids at NYU Langone-Mineola

I'm Not Done Yet is excited to announce the opening of the Bobby Menges AYA Treatment Lounge after almost 5 years of fundraising and planning.  Many thanks to all of our supporters, especially those whose outreach immediately after Bobby died provided the majority of the funding.


A very special thank you to the Garden City Real Estate Group, whose "Cocktails for a Cause" gala in 2019 contributed $100k for this wonderful project!


Shave & Buzz
Club at Duke

raised over $163,500 at 2022 event!

Teams from all across the country came together to raise money for adolescent and young adult cancer patients and survivors.

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it all

Bobby Menges recognized and experienced a critical gap in care and support for adolescent and young adult patients.  He devoted time and energy to address this void throughout his own cancer treatment. He's not done yet and neither are we!

we stand

I’m Not Done Yet believes that every young patient deserves support as they transition from childhood through adolescence to adulthood.  Our goal is to make sure that happens.


Medical Research... supporting

labs studying AYA sarcomas

Space... funding dedicated, appropriate spaces for AYA patients

Programs... addressing the emotional and psychosocial needs of AYA patients