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Make a donation -
you can make a difference!

Monthly Giving

You can also donate STOCK or from your DAF to I'm Not Done Yet with Overflow!

Memorial & Tribute Giving


Donating Appreciated Stock -

When you donate appreciated stock that you've held for over one year, you may be eligible for several advantages:

  1. Maximize Your Giving: By contributing stock, you can give more without increasing your out-of-pocket expenses.

  2. Avoid Capital Gains Taxes: You won't have to pay capital gains taxes on the appreciation of the stock, potentially saving you a substantial amount.

  3. Receive a Tax Deduction: You can claim a charitable deduction on your income tax for the full fair market value of the stock at the time of the donation.

  4. Support Our Cause: Your stock donation directly supports our mission and helps us continue our vital work.


Utilizing Your Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) -

If you have a DAF, it offers another convenient way to support us:

  1. Centralized Giving: Your DAF allows you to consolidate all your charitable giving into one account, streamlining the process.

  2. Immediate Impact: You can recommend grants from your DAF to support INDY and other charitable causes you care about.

  3. Tax-Efficient: Contributions to your DAF are tax-deductible when you make them, even if you distribute funds to charities over time.

  4. Flexibility: You can advise on when and how much to distribute, ensuring your giving aligns with your financial and philanthropic goals.


(Please consult your tax advisor if you have any questions.)

Stock and DAF
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